Pre-2020 Apple iMac’s pine for an SSD, so why not?

You may have heard about SSD drives; for a full run-down, you can read our SSD article here, but here is a quick summary:

SSD drives, also known as solid-state drives, incorporate solid-state memory, the same type used in SD cards and USB flash drives. This Solid State memory is where the data is stored. In a nutshell, the computer CPU can access and process data significantly faster when accessing a Solid State drive than the older type of spinning drive with moving parts like platters and heads.

Why an iMac SSD upgrade?

iMacs, in particular, benefit hugely from the additional speed and performance boost from SSD drive upgrades. Many customers say their AppleMac is like a new computer after being upgraded to use an SSD drive, and, as we know, brand new Macs are not cheap. So, upgrading your iMac to an SSD is the single most effective and best value way of giving your iMac a new lease of life.

iMac SSD upgrade will make your Apple Mac fly!

Let your Mac fly

Which Macs will benefit most?

The newest Apple Macs have SSD memory as standard; if it’s too old, it’s not a viable upgrade. iMac SSD upgrades work for:

  • iMacs bought between 2015 and 2020 had the SSD as an option. Those sold without SSD are the best suited for an SSD upgrade.
  • iMacs sold 2010-2015, and nearly all have the older drive technology and would benefit from the upgrade.
  • Per 2010. If your Mac is pre-2010 it’s not really a worthwhile upgrade as you will still be limited by software availability as Apple drops support for the latest Mac OS.

We have a deal; that’s a steal,

Maidstone Technology is offering a fantastic deal for Apple iMac SSD upgrades. We will collect your iMac, upgrade to hard drive to a 480GB Solid State drive, copy all your data to the new drive, update any software and return your iMac for Just £249.

Maidstone Technology offer an iMac SSD upgrade to 480gb SSD Drive for only:


Including collection and delivery!

Drop us your number, and we will give you a call.

This is a promotional offer from Maidstone Technology for all Apple iMac owners within the Maidstone, Kent area. Customers are invited to either drop us their phone number, call us or email us in order to take up this offer.

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