Tail & Tale. The tail that wags the dog and the tale of the unwelcome hard sell!

You need computer business support and have contacted some companies. Let me guess how that worked out for you.

Well, after Googling “Business IT Support Maidstone” or “Business Computer Support Maidstone” and making contact with those results, my first guess is that they told you what you wanted rather than listening to what you wanted. My second guess is that the contract was so long and puzzling that you didn’t fancy going through it.

How am I doing so far?

Third guess: you are wondering how two businesses are proposing to work together, and you’ve been presented with a contract to digest, which runs for probably longer than you’re comfortable with and in return, you just presented your bank details. I suspect I am now 3 for 3 and perhaps pushing my luck, but here I go. Fourth guess: At no point did you, the small business owner looking for business IT support, make a list of exactly what you want, how you want it delivered, and for how long. Finally, this is a 50/50, as it’s more of a question: did you regret signing up?

Better Computer Business Support.

The “hard sell” of business computer support Maidstone contracts

Before re-training at the turn of the century and moving into a trade that was my passion, computers and IT, I had worked in, managed, and even run my small businesses—shops, outdoor trades contracting, etc. Believe it or not, back then, despite computers being the office tool, you would likely thumb your way through the Yellow Pages to find a business computer support company rather than the internet; hard to believe, but true.

Some things change, others, not so much.

But something that hasn’t changed is the sales patter. I knew I wanted the reassurance of a commitment, but I didn’t particularly want it to be 3 or 5 years. It’s a long time to sign up with a company you have know no history of, and as for the contract, written by solicitors for solicitors. Sure, if a wheel fell off or the service was not delivered as expected, I could cancel the contract, but that means a court and the associated costs. Not to mention the time and energy.

If you have read this far and all this sounds familiar, I invite you to continue reading. When I planned out how Maidstone Technology could provide small business support to customers in Maidstone, it was with all these previously negative experiences in mind.

We at Maidstone Technology wanted to do things differently. Here are some of our core commitments.

  • No fixed contract length unless that’s what you want.
  • You can add in or strike out any part of the business computer support agreement.
  • Create your bespoke requirements, and we will price it for you.
  • Change the requirements and terms if your business IT support needs change.
  • No salespeople and no commission. Maidstone Technology only has technicians.
  • The same point of contact throughout.

We are different, Maidstone Technology is different. If you are looking for business computer support, contact us for a chat.

Business IT Support Maidstone, Kent. Article by Toby Stripp

Toby Stripp is brand manager for Maidstone Technology and Director of business IT support company Koztech Ltd and Apple specialist repair company Wealden Technology.

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