Head crash, Logical corruption and the path to recovery!

Maidstone Technology data recovery service: before we start, a little about data recovery:

Data loss from a hard drive can be a stressful experience, but there are options for retrieving your important files. There are a dozen or so possible causes of data loss, corruption, or data becoming inaccessible. In some cases, data recovery software can be a successful solution. These programs can scan your hard drive for deleted or lost files and attempt to recover them. Then, there are the hardware recovery options. Which can involve ISO cleaning rooms and manually transferring the platters to what we call a donor drive.

So, What to do?

The first and most crucial thing for the best chance of success is to stop using the drive immediately after data loss or the data is inaccessible. This helps prevent the overwritten files that can make recovery significantly more difficult to recover or even impossible. Remember, this is rule No. 1! because the data is not deleted. The computer doesn’t know where it is or how to access it.

A computer hard drive opened with the platter exposed.

A Disk Drive Platter

However, professional data recovery services might be necessary for severe data loss or physical damage to the hard drive. These services employ advanced tools and techniques to recover data from critically damaged drives. They work in lab-type conditions to carefully open and replace parts in the drive, like the electric motor, or delicately move the platters to a new donor drive. While these hardware-type data recovery services can be expensive, they may be the only way to salvage irreplaceable photos, documents, or work files.

Maidstone Technology has extensive experience recovering data for customers and clients. For Level One and Two data recovery, Maidstone Technology has the tools and software to recover your data in many cases. MTech has partnered with a national data recovery specialist where level three recovery is required. And what’s great is that there is no extra cost for the service.


Sherlock Hound. A bit of sleuthing and some digging.

In short, in the vast majority of cases, your data can be recovered, so do not despair. The data recovery service starts at about £60 and can run to £6-£700 depending on the recovery method needed.

Maidstone Technology Data Recovery Service

For any information regarding data recovery for PC desktop computers, laptop computers or iMacs and MacBooks please contact us for a quote.

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